Does that make sense? Not "dirty" as in unhygienic or slovenly living. I'm fastidious about cleanliness in those areas, and I have a submissive that is a nearly OCD-ish clean freak...who does all the housework, the laundry, yard maintenance, and jobs like that. That's a tip, my fellow FemDoms...get a sub that does domestic chores, or train and beat him until he does.  :) 

 No, what I mean is "dirty" in other ways. Sort of like the raunchy dirty sound that comes from some Blues influenced music, with the bass guitar. Funky clothes, funky music, ethnic foods, rare, odd, unique drum beats and percussion based sounds. I love "Old World" things, crafts, rugs, clothes, furniture, architecture, history and the "salt of the earth" type of people. I like bright beautiful colors, tapestries, drapes and clothing. I don't like the hyper sanitized culture that some people want to create...and I resist all forms of censorship, mind control, political correctness and anything that thwarts free thinking, free expression and free speech.  

I like sexy, seductive, earthy and raw, almost animalistic types of sex.

I like old people that lived a full life. Gnarled, beat up, but those that never ever gave up, covered with sunspots, liver-spots, faces creased and lined with character and laugh lines. Those that lived hard, struggled, never lost sight of their dreams, yet still maintained their sense of humor, sense of irony, and of course their ethics and balanced priorities. 

I like sex in cars, and even though its unhealthy, smoke filled old dive bars. 

I don't get those that want to live a super cautious, take no risks, never go out in the sun, never smile out of fear of creating wrinkles, super antiseptic, Pine-Sol, generic life. I mean to each her own, but I want to do things that make life worth living.   :)