I get quite a bit of e-mail from people interested in my Queening Throne and Rimming Chair designs, so I have compiled the questions together and am posting them here. 

{Q} What does it feels like to lie beneath one of these and service my Goddess? 

{A} No idea as I have never done so...and will never. I am told that it feels sort of warm and comfortable, secure even, for the submissive below, and of course the view is fantastic. 

{Q} Will I have room to insert my fingers and masturbate her? 

{A} Not really. I designed them to be at the perfect height so that face, lips, tongue is used, and not much else. Other vendors make theirs where some sort of head sling is required, thereby placing the subs back in a "S" type configuration. Obviously that is not comfortable and just sort of silly. I guess they never figured out how to use a tape measure and to do some simple math which would allow queening chairs to not need that ridiculous apparatus. 

{Q} Can she press down and smother me when it amuses her? 

{Q} Yes, somewhat. Again the distance is designed so that your face is already planted deep within her. 

{Q} How long a switch or crop will she need to be able to reign blows down on my thighs and package without having to lean forward? 

{A} A standard crop is about three-foot long and is what I use. Of course anything a foot or even two longer would work just as well. Maybe a longer one is needed to reach the gonads of a much taller guy... or one with a shorter penis. :) 

Some models that I;ve designed are made so the sub can face either direction. This enables the Domme to force more "tongue focus" on either her "front or back", depending on what she is desiring most at that moment. 

The whole point is to achieve maximum pleasure of her, and to totally humiliate, use (and for some abuse and humilaite) his entire face, including those of us that squirt/ejaculate, such as yours truly. :)  


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