Sex is Innocent. Its an instinctual & biological urge that has existed in humans (and all animals) since the dawn of time. Its animals doing what we are programmed to do, for the propagation of our species, and for our own hedonistic satisfaction and the sharing of pleasure. 

Sex is Raw. Its an unvarnished act where virtually all inhibition disappears and primal lust conquers all, driving towards the climatic heights and the soft afterglow. The ego and mind games, the clothing and accouterments, societal conventions and norms, the pretense and posturing, the makeup and war paint have been stripped off, leaving us bare and vulnerable.

Sex is Passionate. The intimacy of co-joining of two bodies, touching, utilizing all five senses, taking and being taken, its an invasion, bodies slapping, in heat, heated and hot, steam rising, shuddered and chaotic breathing, unstilted.

Sex is Sincere. Human beings are self conscious, afraid of rejection, fearful of critiquing. When consensual sex begins, when the passion occupies our minds and conscience, most of those uncertainties evaporate as mutual acceptance has been assured.

Sex is Honest.  

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