For those of you who are new to the concept of a Queening Chair I present the following. It contains some graphic descriptions, so please be advised. . 

One of the things I love about Queening Chairs is the symbolism that they represent. For anyone that lives a Female Dominant lifestyle, certain items, are like a photo in that a picture speak a thousand words. A queening stool is a 'stand alone' piece of furniture and its very existence dictates a great deal. It is singularly functional. It exists for the purpose of a dominant woman to receive oral pleasure from her submissive. It does not double as a dining room chair, a bed or foot stool, one would never stand on it to change a light bulb. 

They are treated with almost a type of reverence and even awe to some people. A submissive wandering through a home, a website, a magazine that came across a queening chair would often feel a quickening of the pulse, perhaps butterflies in their stomach, a tightness in their chest and of course a stirring in their loins. The immediate thought is that of a dominant woman seated regally there, her intimate regions splayed and accessible. Her "essence" is just a couple inches away should he be allowed to lie beneath it. 

It is literally a Queens throne in some quarters. She is seated above her submissive. She is in a Female Superior position, and her submissive must now lie beneath her on the floor to perform his "tasks".  :) 

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