Spanking Bench

Queening Stool

Face Sitting Stool

BDSM Furniture

                 Combination Spanking Horse - Face Sitting Stool

Its got your Smothering Boxish type front, and your sloped sex bench on the back. You know, to be used for spanking, or paddling, or all the kinky butt sex. You know, from him to her, or her to him, or him to him, or her to her, or them to they, the deliverer to the deliveree, the giver to the taker, the fucker to the fuckee, the donor to the recipient, the host to the guest, the Dom or Domme to the sub, unless its oral service and worship, and then its the sub to the Dom or Domme, the server to the servee, from Boss or Bossatrix to the employee or the help, or from the subservient sex slave to the Lord and Master, or the Lordess or Mistress, and for the love of Holy Babbling Verbiage...I really need to shut the hell up!  :)